Ghosts, Goblins, Ghouls, and Cops

October 14, 2014 1 comment

witchFor many police officers “mandatory overtime” is a favorite phrase. Twice a year, even in the toughest economy, it’s the rule. The first is New Year’s Eve and the second is Halloween. I’m a fright night lover so you can probably guess which my favorite is.

I learned early in my career how best to enjoy this fun and crazy night. I always put my name in to work the day patrol shift. The other cops give me strange looks. They want the nightlife because Halloween day is when the ghosts and goblins, better known as teenagers, rest up so they can terrorize the town when the moon’s at its zenith.

This means I have a chance to catch up on reports and prepare for skeletons rattling out of the darkest closets once the sun goes down. I go home at five, eat dinner, and await the early ghouls, better known as sweet young children, before heading back out on the street for overtime at nine.

For a frightening good time, head over to Uniform Stories to read the rest…

When I Arrested My Friend’s Son

September 16, 2014 Leave a comment
k9 bit man

Just Some Cop Humor

In a small town, everyone knows where you live, what schedule you work, and when you are home. They don’t care that you worked the night shift and need sleep for your next shift. You are their neighbor, friend, or in some cases the person who put them in jail the night before.

I arrested twenty-four-year-old Raymond Thoms for driving under the influence and open container. He was highly intoxicated and belligerent. His sexual innuendos and continued derogative gestures during the intoxilizer test had the jail detention officers threatening to place him in a restraint chair. Adding to my discomfort, Raymond’s mother was a friend and neighbor. I’d previously known Raymond as polite and helpful whenever I saw him. Continued…

My First Post: Good People

August 19, 2014 3 comments

uniform stories logo_mI’m very excited to join the UniformStories family. I love the “cops are human” message. I became a certified officer at the age of forty-five when most people begin thinking about a slower pace. At that age, I was fairly stuck in my ways. When I say stuck in my ways; stubbornness is the key here.

Like most cops, I have many stories. I came out of the police academy with an “us and them” attitude. It slowly dissipated as I learned to police in my own way. Would it work for everyone? That’s a big fat NO. But it did for me. Every call was a lesson—some hard and some incredibly simple but all worth learning.

It was a cold and blustery day. Truly it was because I was freezing my butt off. Dispatch notified me that they received a call that Roger Schmuck (yes, made up name) was reported by his ex-wife for driving without a license. I ran Roger’s information and sure enough his license was revoked. I should also mention Roger wasn’t a nice man. I’d been on a call with another officer a few weeks before and…

Read the rest of the story at and be sure to look around while you’re there. You’ll smile, I know you will!

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Suzie Is Back

August 13, 2014 16 comments

Vegas Convention June 2014

I really truly am. I actually think I might be more kickass than ever before! Some of you may have figured out that I’ve retired from the police force. This was a heartbreaking decision for me but due to health issues there was no alternative. And please don’t worry about my health, I’m feeling great and ready to take on the world again.

I had a goal when I graduated the police academy and that was to be an officer for ten years. Stopping two years short wasn’t easy and these last months have been a reassessment of my life. A funk took over and I closed myself away in my dark and murky writing cave.

I know you want to hear that I finished the next Bad Luck Book but I wasn’t ready to go there so I concentrated on fiction. Awhile back, I added another aka (also known as) to my resume. Last week, my book “Play” written as Holly S. Roberts hit the USA Today Best-Seller List. My foray into darkness paid off and it’s been a whirlwind of excitement since seeing my book on the list. I will offer a warning that “Play” is a steamy romance about a hunky football quarterback and is not intended for readers under 18. It’s also not intended for readers who are easily offended by sex. You’ve been warned!

On the Suzie Ivy home front, I’m excited to announce I will be writing for They cover military, police, fire, and EMS. Their platform is huge compared to little old me and I am beyond thrilled to be part of their team. When I post there, you will see it here first with a link to the full story. One of the reasons I love them is their dedication to bringing a human side to the uniform. If you have a chance, check them out early and see what I’m talking about.

The picture above is a selfie from Vegas at RNC 2014 right before I gave my seminar on “How to Write a Female Detective Without High Heels.” I’ll be in Phoenix in October presenting the same improved version (a little more speaking time) if you want to join me. I’ll have more information for you soon and you don’t need to be a writer to enjoy the fun. If you have an interest in my fiction writing, I’ve combined my blogs at The Bad Luck Detective blog will remain active and always be about the men and women in blue.


USA today play screen

How Cool is This?

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The Coptor Is In

June 23, 2014 5 comments

COPTORI receive quite a few emails asking me to include law enforcement related information/blog posts on my Bad Luck Detective Blog. The emails are usually generic and always tell me they love my blog and feel their information is essential to my readers. I hope during my years of blogging, no one ever felt my blog was essential. The idea behind BLD was to bring a lighter side to law enforcement or maybe a human side. But more, I wanted it to be fun. “Essential” sounds boring.

A week ago, I had an interesting email from Antone Hammers concerning a humorous short film he produced about a cop/doctor i.e. Coptor. This is more like it!

All you not so serious readers grab a hand-full of popcorn, your favorite piece of movie candy, a coke slurp, and you’re ready.

I’ve put in my request for a grandma cop short film next. We’ll see if they listen to me. A working title could be Copgranny.

Click the link below and enjoy your next two minutes with no essential relevance whatsoever!



Mother’s Day

May 6, 2014 6 comments

mothers day1I know I haven’t been around in a while (under exaggeration) but I wanted you to know I wrote a Mother’s Day post for Below The Salt News.   

I’m wishing all the amazing mom’s a wonderful day filled with joy, breakfast in bed, children on their best behavior, and more kisses that you can possibly handle.



Link: Strength in Motherhood 

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The Art of a Mugshot

November 2, 2013 18 comments
mushot 1

Maybe this is a good day for her.

This is a short post but I’ve been feeling neglectful in my blogging duties and thought I would share something I found this morning. The mugshots you are looking at are typical of today’s county jail booking photos.

These mugshots are a great tool and I’ve used countless prisoner photos for identifying criminals. If I think I know the identity of a suspect, and I know they’ve been arrested in the past, it’s easy to show a grouping of pictures to a witness and ask him or her to identify the guilty party. This is called a six-pack.

Like many other techniques in fighting crime, I’ve trained to use these photos so the identification process cannot be thrown out in court.

I call the jail giving them similar physical characteristics of who I’m looking for and request a booking photo of my suspect along with five to ten others that match my description. I include height, weight, hair color, etc.

I choose five to go with my suspected bad guy, and lay the pictures face down on a table. I bring my victim/witness in and have them pick up the pictures in any order and look at them. By having them choose which picture to look at first, it takes the defense theory of “stacking the deck” out of the equation.

Notice the t-shirt!

Notice the t-shirt!

I would love to say this technique always works but in real life, it doesn’t. But when someone is looking at six similar photos and shows you the correct one with no doubt and identifies your bad guy, it’s a great feeling.

This morning I ran across the website below and became fascinated with the pictures of criminal booking photos from the twenties. I don’t know if it’s the black and white, standing photos or just the suits but seriously some of these are a work of art and nothing like we see today.

Police Mugshots in the 1920’s

I loved the guy who wouldn’t open his eyes. Enjoy!


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