More Than 8,000 Wrong Kindle Files Delivered: 3 Letters to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos

November 23, 2015 3 comments

No reply from Jeff Bezos.


The Amazon debacle has only grown worse. Amazon customers continue to have problems with the Kindle file and book reviewers are raving mad. They are blasting the Mischief Under the Mistletoe authors at an alarming rate. Below is the letter from Amazon taking responsibility for their mistake. Of course this was before they sent thousands of emails placing the blame on the publisher.

11 19 2015 FB authors2a

This email from Amazon came in on 11/18/2015, the day after the book went live. We also received a followup email, that same day, stating the problem was corrected. That was far from the truth and a joke, though we never laughed. The files were never pushed out to Kindles as we were told. Some lucky buyers (that’s another joke) were able to download an updated version via their Amazon account. Others still don’t have the correct file even though they’ve returned it and downloaded the file again. Other buyers called Amazon direct, had the correct file pushed to their Kindle but when they close the book it reverts back to the original “wrong” file.

Also note: We were not given a single individual to contact. Our account was enabled for phone contact so they could call us if we requested it. Boy did we request. Several nice customer service specialists listened while we explained about Amazon’s screw up. No one could help us.

Here are my emails to Jeff Bezos in order (the image is difficult to read so I’ve typed them below):



“Mr. Bezos, I am currently part of a box set with 19 authors and the set released today with over 8 thousand pre-orders (Mischief Under the Mistletoe) The correct ebook file was uploaded over a month ago well before the ten-day requirement. The 8k pre-orders that went out today sent the wrong file. This has essentially killed the book which has $2,000 worth of advertising going out this week. Here is a link to the set and the reviews which are destroying the authors involved. Technical glitches happen all the time. My husband was the technical coordinator for a school district before he retired and I know how many sleepless nights he had. I would be devastated but forgiving because these things happen. Unfortunately, this is not the first time and it happened to one of the authors in the set, two months ago. We’ve also heard from other authors offering their support and we’re hearing again and again that this is a repeated problem. The bad reviews, because Amazon sent the wrong file, are not being removed and I, as someone who ordered the book, still have a dummy file and it has not been fixed. Current orders and receiving the correct file. I won’t even go into the tears 19 authors have shed today. Life goes on and there are so many more horrible things happening in this world. I’ve sent this email so maybe this can be avoided in the future and whatever glitch in Amazon’s system can be fixed. Sincerely, Suzie Ivy, writing as Holly S. Roberts”

Jeff 2a


“Mr. Bezos,
The file has been fixed on Amazon’s end and emails sent to people who did not return the book (I have not received one). Unfortunately, the email blames the publisher and says the publisher fixed the problem. This is untrue and Amazon does not take responsibility. Also, the one star reviews because of Amazon’s mistake calling the authors cheats and so on are still on the book’s Amazon page. Is there anything that can be done? I know from past experience that these reviews can be removed.”

Jeff 3a


“Mr Bezos, I received an email from a reader this morning, 5 days after “Mischief Under The Mistletoe” released, that her copy is reverting to the incorrect “place holder file” download that Amazon inadvertently sent to 8k plus readers. Amazon admitted their mistake to us in an email and said the problem was fixed. That was the first day. It was not. Amazon began notifying buyers on the 3rd day and said the publisher had fixed the problem. The publisher had no problem but Amazon pushed it to us. Our advertisers dropped us due to poor reviews that Amazon has not removed and all poor reviews site that customers received one book when promised 19. Those reviews are still adding to the nightmare that has been this book release. I’m to the point that I’m willing to beg for help. We do not know what to do or who to turn to. We need: -The correct file in the hands of readers who advanced ordered the book -All reviews stating they received one book when promised 19 removed (calling the authors cheats and so on) -Someone who will give us the absolute truth even if it’s not something we wish to hear -Anything that will help us at this point Sincerely, Suzie Ivy writing as Holly S. Roberts”


In all fairness, the last email was sent Sunday.


I’m fairly certain it won’t matter, though. I expect the same non-reply I received from the first two. Many authors in the box-set believe we need to move on because we can’t fight Amazon.

What say you?


And just a hint; I’ve never given up on anything in my life!

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Amazon Sends Wrong File to Over 8K Readers

November 19, 2015 20 comments

November 17th was release day for  Mischief Under the Mistletoe Box Set. Or, as these authors have begun thinking, D-Day and by that I mean disaster times 8,000 plus for pre-order customers. How do I know this? I’m one of the unfortunate authors in this box set, writing as Holly S. Roberts.

This isn’t the first time this particular mistake has happened though it remains hush hush in the Amazon community. Other boxed sets and individual titles have been hit with this glitch for months.

One question: WHY?


Technical malfunctions happen. We all know this because we live in a technical world. BUT, when you have a problem of this magnitude, you fix it (as in months ago). Just ask my husband, a recently retired technical coordinator for an entire school district. Have problem, fix problem. This is what people expect.

MUM bad reviews

What I find incredibly discouraging is that customer after customer placed the blame on the authors without notifying Amazon to find out what happened.

Or, what if Amazon sent emails to the 8,000 readers explaining their technical glitch?


What then? I know as one of the authors, I would have been slightly miffed, as a reader, not so much. I respect someone who takes responsibility. My friend called Amazon customer service and they offered her the money back on the copy she pre-ordered. No, they told her, she wouldn’t receive the book and no, the authors would not receive their royalty.

Here’s Amazon’s answer to their 8,000 copy mistake, if you complained:

amazon letter



NO, the publisher did not correct the problem and, I fear, neither has Amazon. It will happen again and again. Possibly to the box set I’m part of that releases on December 1st.

Almost $2,000 dollars in advertising was put into play this week for the release of Mischief. Several advertisers dropped out because the reviews and problems associated with the set are being yelled loud and clear from angry readers via reviews directed at the authors.

Thankfully, if you purchased the set after the book was actually live, you received the correct file. Amazon’s glitch only affected the 8,000 plus pre-order sales (“ONLY” I say that and cringe).

I’ve waited three day for the correct file to appear on my Kindle. The wrong file is still there and Amazon never contacted me. I had to physically go into my Amazon account, as their reply to the above email states and click on the “update available” tab next to the title of the book. I’m wondering how 8k readers know to do this if they never complained to Amazon?

The good news… iBooks, Kobo, and Nook got it right!

Do you have a nightmare story with Amazon? My list is growing and I would love to hear yours or just your comments.




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Apple -v- Amazon: TKO

November 10, 2015 Leave a comment

Five ways iBooks could knock Kindle out of the ring:


canstockphoto158626241) iOS needs to completely stop compatibility with the Kindle Reading app – Many Kindle readers use the Kindle app to read on iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc.) devices. They buy their books from Amazon which generates no sales revenue for Apple and places iBooks second in the book marketplace. Why is second place good enough?

I love this post by He’s an avid Mac fan who buys his books via Amazon and reads them on his Apple device using the Kindle app.


2) Match book – You’ll here screaming when you put #1 into action. Here’s the solution: When I purchased my Amazon Echo, Amazon matched my iTunes’ music library (approx. 4,000 songs). I simply uploaded my iTunes content to Amazon’s Music app and my iTunes music was transferred/matched to Amazon and accessible via the app and my Echo. If Amazon can match iTunes music, iBooks can do this with Kindle ebooks.

3) New eBookstore Platform – iTunes is great for music but guess what?

Readers are an entirely different breed of  consumer and one size does not fit all.


Create a reader friendly iBook platform that would be nothing like the iTunes music store. Your current iBookstore is difficult for readers to navigate. Amazon’s store is conductive to a happy reader experience while their music app is very similar to iTunes. Why does Amazon emulate iTunes for music? Because iTunes is great. FOR MUSIC. Wake up and smell the reader perspective iBooks; we will love you for it.

4) Offer Kindle/mobi download – Yes, I know this goes against everything Apple stands for and seriously, I doubt you will do it. I see Kobo or even Barnes and Noble jumping into this fight and delivering a counter punch to Amazon by offering epub and mobi downloads at their store. All Romance eBooks/Omni Lit sends your download directly to your Kindle when you purchase an eBook mobi file. It’s easy and hassle free once set up.

5) Email book suggestions to your readers – Use Apple account emails and allow us to sign up for daily or weekly specials. Harper Collins purchased The Midlist because they see the need for a daily newsletter that features eBook deals. As a reader, I personally enjoy Bookbub and The Fussy Librarian. Please offer me email spotlights about iBook bestsellers and most of all discounted books so I can experience new authors. Free or heavily discounted is what it usually takes for me to read someone new. If I enjoy the author, I have no problem paying a higher price for their books.

Do you have an idea for iBooks? I would love to hear from you and possibly share you comments with my iBooks rep.

Books by Suzie Ivy can be found at iBooks, B&N, Kobo, ChateBooks and at my online store:

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Taking a Bite Out of Amazon

November 5, 2015 32 comments

Amazon removed thousands of books from their site yesterday.

Books were removed because of three keywords located in the title’s information page in the keywords section: Free, Bestseller and Kindle. It didn’t matter if your book was free, an Amazon bestseller, or a Kindle eBook; Amazon pulled the plug.

Approximately two weeks ago, authors received notices from Amazon giving them five days to comply with Amazon’s Terms of Service (TOS). If you’ve ever looked at Amazon’s TOS you might understand why the biggest problem was identifying words that Amazon now claims are a no no. Many authors missed “Kindle” in the long boring diatribe known as TOS and suffered the consequences. Yesterday, November 4th, also known as National Stress Awareness Day was Amazon’s We Removed Your Book Day.

Maybe it’s only me who sees the humor in all the stress this entailed.



Authors suffered overwhelmingly and relived the tragedy online in many writer’s groups. I don’t have the exact numbers but I’m sure many were hospitalized or even died as a result of having their books removed and their sales plummet. When I have a casualty list, I’ll update this post. Please send me a death certificate to accompany all claims of heart attack, stroke, or choking resulting in death so I’m not accused of exaggeration.

I have decided to take a stress-free approach at least as far as Suzie Ivy is concerned. Bad Luck Cadet & Officer, The Forever Team and The Forever Delinquent are no longer for sale on Amazon. You heard me… nope, nada, zilch, nanny nanny poo poo.

But, have no fear Kindle users (we’ll now call this the dirty, K-word) my books are available in mobi edition on such sites as SmashwordsChat eBooks and Gumroad (my buy direct store). And if you own an Apple device, Nook, or Kobo reader, you will find my books available at their stores because they play nice with others. The paperbacks will still be carried by Amazon for a limited time. That change is coming soon, though.

You might be asking if I’m really taking a bite out of Amazon by removing my books? Honestly, it won’t even be a blip on their quirky, ever-changing radar. But, I feel better and that’s what counts. I’m cutting my dependency on Amazon by removing books and ordering books and goods through other retailers. In my opinion, K-word Unlimited is the worst tragedy to happen to authors since the last book burning, but, that’s a whole other blog post, Air For Sale.

Whether you’re with me or against me; I’d love to hear your comments.






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Air For Sale

October 6, 2015 Leave a comment

Two friends enjoying lunch…


Friend one: So, I have an idea to make money.

Friend two: Tell me!

Friend one: I’m going to form the largest website in the country and sell air.

Friend two: {pause} Okay man, I hear you. But, you do know every county in this country has a place where you can get your air free. They have shelves and shelves of the stuff and let you check it out for several weeks at a time.

Friend one: I know but the six major suppliers of air also need a distributor to sell their product. I’m going to call my company Airman.

Friend two: Good luck with that man.


Two years later… (Airman CEO during office meeting)


CEO: My new idea is to give everyone a chance to sell their air. There are a lot of people out there who have dreamed of creating air their entire lives.

Employee One: You actually think people will buy air that isn’t made by the six major air suppliers?

CEO: I do. The independents can offer slightly lower quality air at low prices and give the main suppliers a run for their money.

Employees: We’re in, let’s do this {cheers}


Two years later… (Airman CEO meeting with his department heads, Airman controls forty percent of US air supply, six major air suppliers are now five)


CEO: Now that we’re global and everyone knows who Airman is, I think we can give our independent air suppliers more incentive if they go exclusively with us. If they can’t sell their air to anyone else eventually our competitors will go out of business.

Department head one: You honestly think these independent suppliers would stick with us?

CEO: If we make them money, they’ll do it. They’ve come to depend on us and have bills to pay.

Department heads: We’re in, let’s do this {cheers}


Independent Suppliers online forum:


The secret to success is to have a quality product so we can compete with the five major air suppliers and offer quality with lower prices. Your label and product need to be professional. A graphic designer for the label and a good filtration system for the air. Here’s an example:

Our air is the best1

Two years later… (Airman CEO with department heads, Airman controls sixty percent of world air supply)


CEO: Our competitors have hit a few bumps but they aren’t going away. I want to start a subscription service and supply air to buyers for a low monthly fee. Once a subscriber breathes 10% of the air, the independent supplier gets paid about half of what they originally made.

Department head one: So you think our independent suppliers will jump on board with this and stick around?

CEO: I know they will. We’ve made them a lot of money and if they want to keep selling their air they don’t have much choice.

Department head two: Do you think this will significantly lower the number of competitors we have?

CEO: It’s a sure bet!


Independent Suppliers online forum:


Independent supplier one: I’m taking a real hit on my sales and estimate I’ll make a lot less this year than I did last year.

Independent supplier two: I took the exclusive road and things aren’t as good as they were before but I’m still making a living.

Independent supplier one: What happens when the other distributors are out of business and Airman can pay you anything they want?

Independent supplier two: Since you’ve stayed with those other distributors, I was going to ask you the same question.


Two years later… (Airman CEO with department heads, Airman controls 70% of world air supply)


CEO: Did you know that many of our independent air suppliers have windier air than others but we calculate all air at the same price on the monthly subscription plan?

Department head one: I’m hearing grumblings from some of our independent suppliers that we should take the exclusivity clause out of our subscription plan. If we did, no one could touch the number of different types of air we sell.

CEO: {dirty look} I propose that instead of paying our EXCLUSIVE independent suppliers after someone breathes 10% of their air; we pay per breath. This way the breezy independent suppliers make more. The breezy suppliers will make about the same amount they did before because in the beginning we’ll sweeten the pot and add some extra funds so they don’t see where we’re heading with this idea. Once our competitors are out of business we can give smaller and smaller payouts to the independent suppliers and control the world.

Department heads: We’re in, let’s do this {cheers}


Independent Suppliers online forum:


Independent air supplier: No one’s answered me for days. Is anyone here?


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Writer’s Fact Check: 48 Hour Myth

September 14, 2015 1 comment

Months ago, my husband and I were watching a movie when I came unglued over a scene where the police made a woman wait 48 hours before reporting her friend missing. This is total BS and is harmful to the public. My dissing an incorrect police procedure from Hollywood is a common occurrence in my house but I don’t usually jump out of my chair and scream at the television. My poor husband almost had a heart attack.

A few days ago, I was reading a really good romantic thriller and ran across the same situation. I marched downstairs, Nook in hand, and read the passage to my husband. He was working on his fantasy football draft. I must give him credit because he listened patiently to what I had to say. When I finished, he asked, “Didn’t that recently upset you in a movie we watched?”

woman screaming1See, my screaming had a lasting effect and he remembered my outburst even during football draft.

So Authors! Get your facts straight. The 48 hour rule is not just a myth, it’s dangerous to the people who read your books and believe you know what you’re talking about.

As a detective, a woman in my community waited 48 hours to inform the police that her son was missing. I helped dig his burned body from a shallow grave. This is why I scream and stomp my feet. If you write mystery, thrillers, police procedural, the last thing you want to do is spread false information that could possibly do more harm than good.



So let’s take a look at the truth:

  • Police take the totality of circumstances into consideration. It’s not against the law for an adult to take a trip and leave without telling anyone however police will always file a report.
  • Did the missing person pack clothes, toothbrush, wallet or other essential items? What about their vehicle, is it gone too?
  • Was there a family fight? Police can and will place an alert on a vehicle license plate.
  • Is this a common occurrence?
  • Do you live with the missing person and if not have you checked their home? The police will do what’s called a welfare check. I’ve done my share. Many are for the elderly after out of town relatives call. Several have ended in finding a person dead of natural causes.
  • Does the person have special needs; medication, mental or physical disabilities requiring assistance?
  • Why do you feel they are missing and endangered?

It should go without saying that any missing child, 18 years of age and younger, is endangered.

Stop the myth and do your job as an author. Research please. Screaming fits in my living room are extremely bad for my husband’s health and my blood pressure.

Rottweilers and Detectives

June 2, 2015 Leave a comment

The Forever Team is available in paperback ($5.99) and eBook (99 cents).

The Forever Team2

Six months ago The Forever Team released as part of 10-Code Project to raise money for the national Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial Fund. I don’t have the figures yet but I’m very excited to see how much money we raised. Thank you everyone who purchased a copy.

I worked very hard this past month to make The Forever Team appropriate for age 10+ readers. This means I cleaned up the language and sexual innuendos that made it true to life. The changes don’t effect the story but for the first time, my grandchildren can read a book I’ve written.

As a long-time rottweiler owner, I want you to know this story is very close to my heart. I had just lost my six-year-old Rottie to cancer when I wrote The Forever Team. There were so many tears shed it was hard to see my computer screen at times. I’m hoping there are a few more Detective Jolett books in me because I really want to revisit her world.

Buy links: Amazon Kindle * Paperback

New Cover and #FREE through June 6

Bad Luck1Bad Luck Cadet & Officer has a new cover and to celebrate, it’s FREE at Amazon through Friday. I really need some reviews on the combined version so if you’ve read both or missed them, please grab a copy of the combined books while they’re free and consider leaving a review, thank you.

I’ve decided against writing another Suzie Ivy adventure. This decision relieves my mind because I’ve always been worried about the victims of crime. Instead, I want to fictionalize some of my adventures and possible use Detective Jolett as my alter ego. We’ll see where these thoughts take me. Right now, my romance writing is keeping me busy.

Buy link: Amazon Kindle

If you’re a member of Kindle Unlimited several of my books are available for you as a free download. Bad Luck Officer & Cadet and writing as Holly S. Roberts: Play, Strike, Kick, Slam, and Crimson Warrior.

Dragons Don’t Forgive is Live

DM-DragonsdForgive-432x648If you read my steamy paranormal books, Dragons Don’t Forgive, the third book in the Fire Chronicles Series releases today too. There are four books planned and I’m hard at work on the final installment. I’m adding an extra dose of humor to this one because Dragons Don’t Forgive is a tad on the heartbreaking side. It does have a happy ending, though so don’t let me turn you away if you’re interested. Just think Gor meets Little House on the Prairie. If that catches your interest you might want to read the series. Dragons Don’t Cry is book I and Dragons Don’t Love is book II.

Amazon US:
Amazon UK:

Now I need a vacation! We leave next Monday and I can’t wait!


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