Sexual Predators Run Amuck

November 13, 2017 1 comment

Do you feel society’s run amuck in today’s #metoo avalanche?


Honestly you should because it has. But here’s the thing… You need to be listening. You need to be sharing. You need to be fighting back for all the men, women, and children who suffer at the hands of predators.

I predominantly worked sex crimes for six years. I’ve seen the devastation from the front line. I’ve held the hands of men, women, and children who survived. I’ve put the guilty behind bars. I’ve watched the guilty do their time and return to the streets to repeat their offense. I’ve helped take children from mothers who didn’t believe that special man in her life did the abuse. I’ve looked children in the eye and told them I would keep them safe. I failed on two occasions because the cases were never prosecuted. And I’ve cried.

Here’s what you need to know if you’re on the fence about the sexual assault avalanche.


1) It’s normal for someone who’s been sexually abused or assaulted to NOT report.

2) It’s normal for a survivor to be ashamed and feel guilt to the point that they take ALL the blame.

3) It’s normal for a sexual assault victim to wait a year to report. Arizona changed the law on sexual assault collection kits. A man or woman can come in and have the tests done and also refuse to prosecute. This way, when he or she is stronger, the evidence is available. Why did Arizona change this law? Because it’s more normal to delay a report than to file right away!

4) Child molestation is a learned behavior. If your child is acting out sexually, you need to be looking closely at the people in their inner circle and asking your child questions. If something comes from questioning let your child know you love them but stop questioning and contact law enforcement. (Email me at for more info on what to expect if you call police)

5) There is a difference between sexual assault and sexual harassment. Sexual assault is a felony crime. Sexual harassment happens in the work place or walking past a construction crew and includes lude behavior and/or making you feel uncomfortable. It is however NOT against the law or handled by police. Touching you on any part of your body OTHER than breasts (female only), vagina, penis, or anus is considered simple assault and can be prosecuted. Touching your breasts, vagina, penis, or anus is sexual assault and NOT sexual harassment. It IS a felony!

The power of those who stand is amazing.


If you’re not ready to stand, it’s okay. This is something each person must decide for them self. The one’s who stand have your back and are fighting for those without voice. We will not be silenced and the avalanche has only begun.

I wrote this post years ago but if you missed it, it’s worth reading… When They Stand



Memories That Won’t Let Go And That’s Okay

November 7, 2017 5 comments

The case that defined me for so long happened on November 5th, 2008. It changed my perspective on life. It changed me as a mother and grandmother. It changed me as a cop. No matter the horror, I’m a stronger woman today because of it. I’m also stronger because of one amazing woman who was thrown the cruelest twist of all.

This morning, I received a beautiful photo from her to commemorate the love she still carries. The picture was of her and her husband before he was murdered. The two of them look so happy and full of life. The picture was taken only months before the homicide. It’s a reminder that even nine years later love is still in her heart. It amazes me that I’m in her thoughts too. Ours is a tragic bond that both of us will forever remember. This woman opened her arms and heart to my pain even while dealing with her own. You see, this incredible couple were my friends and neighbors. Her husband’s death hit me deeply but more than that, we shared tears so many times during that dark winter.

I remember one night, walking across the street to her house in the bitter cold in my bathrobe. I was still working long hours on her husband’s death but we both needed the comfort. We talked, and cried, and even laughed over heartwarming stories about their marriage. I’ve told her many times that even when all seemed lost, her strength kept me going. It might seem strange that the police detective sought comfort from the victim but that’s how amazing this woman truly is.

Each year on my evaluation, I was knocked for becoming too close to my victims. I would read the words, pull up my big girl panties, and swear I would place a wall between me and the people I dealt with. It never happened. What I didn’t know then but discovered years later: I still hear from the people thrown in horrible circumstances and I’m able to see the new wonders in their life. I live for these communications and I’m so glad I never changed who I fundamentally am to do my job.

Cases come and go but so many memories stay with me. They live inside me and sometimes take me down a dark path. Most of the time they offer comfort because of the incredible people who survive untold tragedy and keep going. These amazing people are my inspiration and my beacon in the darkness. They somehow survived and they give me hope.


I have a new project that I’m excited about. Bad Luck Cadet is out for a limited time as part of a box set with two other amazing stories of women who went after their dreams. It’s the best Christmas gift for that special strong woman in your life. Available in paperback and ebook. Don’t miss out! 

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Shared from Wicked Story Telling

August 29, 2017 Leave a comment

Open Letter to Barnes & Noble

I went into a Barnes & Noble store for the first time in years. Occasionally I shop online at their store for books because I have the nook app, though I’m sorry to say, I prefer reading on my Kindle. When B&N went off the deep end and stopped supporting their devices, I never bought another because their marketing was just too iffy. You sent way to many mixed messages that basically told consumers to jump ship. I did.

So, the store. I took my 3-year-old grandson in to buy a book. In my mind it could be a boxed book with a small toy or stuffed animal to go along with the story. We were both very excited.

What I didn’t know is that B&N has added an entire toy section totally unrelated to books.

Toys like you would find at Walmart or Target. We walked out with a Power Ranger toy. No book for us to read because my grandson had his heart set on PR and I’ll be darned if I forced a book on him.

My daughter told me her and her three children spent a lot of time in B&N stores and they loves walking out with their books. It was a treat. But my daughter stopped taking them because all they wanted was overpriced toys and the actual excitement over books went out the window.

So here’s my problem… B&N you cannot keep up with the Jones (Amazon). Just get it in your head that you cannot. What you can do is go back to your roots, BOOKS! Not toys, or alcoholic beverages for people who don’t buy what you should be selling.

I get it. Amazon takes a huge bite out of your market but have you really looked at your clientele? Honestly they’re a little pickier than the average Kindle reader. They like shopping small and they loved the sense of “class” B&N gave them as a consumer.

I owned a small independent bookstore for twenty years. I had to change with the times and I did. It’s funny because I can look at B&N with a business eye and see exactly what they should be doing. Independent authors run the navigation of the tricky publishing dilemma daily. We adapt.

B&N you don’t adapt. You hire CEO’s who have NO book background to look at your business and move into the future. You’ve failed, so how about go back to a general manager who has worked in the business, knows the business, and is customer savvy to what readers want.

This isn’t rocket science, it’s good old-fashioned business sense.

I’m available if you need me. I have an entire slew of ideas. I want you to succeed and you could if you would stop doing everything in your power to go out of business.


A very frustrated B&N consumer

Short Film and Smiles

November 28, 2016 1 comment

Half portrait of a seductive spy with gun in hand. Studio shot in low key light

I received an email today that brought a smile to my face. You know as a middle-aged, opinionated woman I’m often guilty of wondering what this world is coming to and shaking my head at the younger generation (the older generation has received its fare share lately too). Does this show my age or what? I swore I would never be this way *hangs head and sighs* but I’m guilty.

It was wonderful to see hard working college students taking on a sizable project and going for it. I hope you will take the time to read the email and watch the inspirational video by following the link. You may want to help out these future movers and shakers too.

Hi Suzie,

My name is Bailey and I stumbled upon your books/blog when I was doing research for a script I was helping develop. I was new to this genre and wanted to get more familiar with the general idea so I was perusing the internet when I found your book Bad Luck Cadet. I read it and loved it! It not only gave me a better idea of the world I was entering but it also made me laugh and I truly enjoyed it!

This was several months ago and now the script your book helped me develop is becoming a reality. Me and the writer/director of this story worked hard to develop this story hoping to create it as one of our school projects, but our school rejected it saying we could not make it within their time frame. This was disappointing but we believed in the story and decided to make it anyway. We gathered an amazing team and the film, Calvari, is becoming a reality.

Calvari is a short film that follows Jeff, a city detective, and his wife Jenn as they go on a long awaited night out downtown. Jenn probes Jeff to let her in on what is happening in his work but he is reluctant, worried that she cannot handle the harsh realities of his experiences. As Jeff begins to let Jenn in he realizes his work has spilled into his personal life. A mobster seeking revenge has put a hit on Jeff, and he and his family are now in grave danger.
I wanted to share this with you for a few reasons. One I wanted to personally thank you and show you how your book impacted me and is helping me follow my dreams of telling stories on screen. Two I wanted to share with you a story that you helped impact. Your book helped me get a better idea of the world I was entering and has helped me develop the idea further with my director.

Thanks for taking your time and I hope you enjoy the story just like I enjoyed yours 🙂

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Release Day: Street Justice by Holly S. Roberts aka Suzie Ivy

October 4, 2016 Leave a comment

99 CENTS and the best 99 pennies you’ll spend this month!

I’m really excited to announce the release of my new book, Street Justice. It’s included in the Cuffed & Claimed Box Set with 9 other authors. These are romance stories about police officers. All author proceeds will go to the families of officers who gave their lives in the line of duty which is something near and dear to my heart.

The stories range from sweet to steamy (mine’s on the steamy side) and all have lovable characters to curl up with and escape every day life.

Street Justice has humor, steamy romance, strong language, a small amount of violence, and a goofy but lovable dog who will steal your heart. The set is on sale for a limited time so grab your copy now!


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The Small Things

December 31, 2015 6 comments

Thank you for your service!


dreamstime_l_35373793My husband and I were shopping at Cosco when an older man stopped us and asked him about the Durango, Colorado shirt my husband wore. I took a trip to the lady’s room while the two of them spoke about Durango. When I came back there was a woman, who I thought was the daughter of the older man, standing beside him waiting patiently for the conversation to end. She was around our age.

My husband and the man shook hands and we turned to walk away. The woman said to the older man, “Sir, I would like to thank you for your service.”

I hadn’t taken notice that the man’s hat said Vietnam Vet until she spoke.

When we finished shopping, the two of them were eating together in the small food service area. I take my hat off to this woman. I know she made that man’s day. She also made mine.

The people we take for granted.


Every Tuesday we collect the garbage from our trash bins, empty them and move the large outside bin down to the street. The trash is picked up at around 11am.

I love our front deck and it’s a great place to read a bit and catch the morning sun. It’s high above the street which offers a bit of privacy. I was lost in my book when I noticed the loud rumble of the garbage collection truck turning up our road.

The young boy who lives next door, about five or six years old, ran to the road to watch the truck. He was jumping up and down and waiving at the driver. I couldn’t hear what he was saying, due to the noise, but there was something in his hand. The driver stopped his truck, turned off the engine and jumped down to see what the boy had.

Here is the conversation…

“My dad is teaching me to whittle and this is what I’m making.”

“That looks mighty fine. Remember to be careful with knives and be sure to show it to me when you’re finished.”

“My dad is teaching me to be careful too.”

“He sounds like a great dad. You be a good boy, now.”

He turned and went back to his truck, started the engine, and picked up the garbage.

These small acts of kindness made me smile.

My goal in 2016 is to pass it on and hope that someone somewhere smiles over something I do.

Happy New Year,



Writer’s Fact Check: 48 Hour Missing Person Myth

September 14, 2015 1 comment

Months ago, my husband and I were watching a movie when I came unglued over a scene where the police made a woman wait 48 hours before reporting her friend missing. This is total BS and is harmful to the public. My dissing an incorrect police procedure from Hollywood is a common occurrence in my house but I don’t usually jump out of my chair and scream at the television. My poor husband almost had a heart attack.

A few days ago, I was reading a really good romantic thriller and ran across the same situation. I marched downstairs, Nook in hand, and read the passage to my husband. He was working on his fantasy football draft. I must give him credit because he listened patiently to what I had to say. When I finished, he asked, “Didn’t that recently upset you in a movie we watched?”

woman screaming1See, my screaming had a lasting effect and he remembered my outburst even during football draft.

So Authors! Get your facts straight. The 48 hour rule is not just a myth, it’s dangerous to the people who read your books and believe you know what you’re talking about.

As a detective, a woman in my community waited 48 hours to inform the police that her son was missing. I helped dig his burned body from a shallow grave. This is why I scream and stomp my feet. If you write mystery, thrillers, police procedural, the last thing you want to do is spread false information that could possibly do more harm than good.



So let’s take a look at the truth:

  • Police take the totality of circumstances into consideration. It’s not against the law for an adult to take a trip and leave without telling anyone however police will always file a report.
  • Did the missing person pack clothes, toothbrush, wallet or other essential items? What about their vehicle, is it gone too?
  • Was there a family fight? Police can and will place an alert on a vehicle license plate.
  • Is this a common occurrence?
  • Do you live with the missing person and if not have you checked their home? The police will do what’s called a welfare check. I’ve done my share. Many are for the elderly after out of town relatives call. Several have ended in finding a person dead of natural causes.
  • Does the person have special needs; medication, mental or physical disabilities requiring assistance?
  • Why do you feel they are missing and endangered?

It should go without saying that any missing child, 18 years of age and younger, is endangered.

Stop the myth and do your job as an author. Research please. Screaming fits in my living room are extremely bad for my husband’s health and my blood pressure.

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