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National Police Week & A Bad Luck Update

May 20, 2011 3 comments

Hi everyone! I wanted to post an update on what has been happening on the Bad Luck home front. I was recently interviewed for National Police Week at I discovered this site on Twitter while attending a Cold Case training and was hooked. This wonderful site publishes information about unsolved homicides. I’ve always said, “The difference between something good and something great, is passion.” Defrosting Cold Cases is a passionate site offering hope that someday these cases will be solved. Please join me in the celebration of National Police Week. You can find my personal interview here.

I’m working hard at the next installment of The Bad Luck Detective series. I’m lengthening Bad Luck Cadet from my blog entries into a full length novel. I’m also writing Bad Luck Officer, the next story installment, and planning to post the first chapter soon. I’m having a great time remembering some of the antics and bloopers during my first two years as a certified police officer. The stress is notched up, due to all the guns being real and having real bullets. No blue guns now, but I sometimes wish for those academy days. If you are new to my site, you can read about my experience of becoming a police officer during my mid-life crisis with my first post, Accidents Happen.

My career as a detective continues to be exciting but frustrating at the same time. Cutbacks, due to the economy continue to plague most departments, but small rural departments seem to be the hardest hit. If given the chance please shake the hands of your local law enforcement officers and let them know you appreciate the job they do.

Arizona will soon be celebrating its 100th year of statehood. A special badge was designed for law enforcement officers around the state to wear. Our department just received these commemorative badges and we will join our brothers and sisters in blue and begin wearing them in September. For the first time, police officers will have the same badge throughout the State. Our officers purchased these badges individually so we will always have them to remind us of our years of service to the State of Arizona.

I was recently approached by Relativity Media for a chance to be part of their female police shows. I don’t think my small town fits what they are looking for but it was exciting none the less. It would have been a great opportunity for me to lose some weight to look better for the camera. If anything comes of our talk, and I’m cranky due to a quick weight loss diet, you’ll be the first to know.

Detective Ivy sighing off.

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