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Good Cop Bad Cop

February 18, 2012 26 comments

“My vest went over my head. It was the last essential piece of gear needed to begin my shift. I secured the velcro tightly, the pressure on my breasts telling me I was safe, the slight odor of sweat, from weeks of wear, reminding me to wash the outer vest carrier this weekend. I turned to the door, checking my gear one last time and walked out of the room. My clunky right boot hit the rut over the door jam and I stumbled. I would fix that stupid piece of carpet someday but for now, it reminded me I am not infallible. Even cops stumble.”

I just went back and reread this paragraph written weeks ago. I had no idea that it would be profound today.

At Small Town PD, we are facing a situation involving a fellow cop. My every instinct is to defend him. He’s one of ours, he sees the worst in humanity and must somehow live with it. He has a wife and children. He attends church each week. He’s been at my back with a gun and defended my life. He is my friend.

All these thoughts run through my mind. The biggest being, “Even cops stumble.”

I became a cop during midlife, but before I wore a badge, I placed police officers on a pedestal. They were the defenders of peace, and justice for the people. The reality of being a cop is more complicated. We are human and make mistakes.

So often, the media portray situations involving cops unjustly. Yes, some are deserved but others are not. They do not relay the entire story and I’ve learned that lesson the hard way. I cringed when I saw college students being pepper sprayed. I still cringe today over the Rodney King beating, though I’ve now seen the entire video, which was left off the nightly news bites. I have faith that the scales of justice will work and if the officers are wrong, they will pay the penalty. Yes, I am naïve, but I believe, in the end, truth will prevail. Cops are not above going to prison or facing any punishment their crimes dictate.

If I take the excuses out of my friend’s equation, I’m left with this… As a police officer, I am held to a higher standard. My badge is my shield. It reminds me of the difference between right and wrong. I uphold the law and that law applies to me first. When I take my uniform off, I am still a cop. The same rules apply. I am loyal to my friends, family and fellow officers. But, I never put that loyalty above what it truly takes to do this job. Honor.

It’s a hard choice for me but it is the only one. Sadness weighs heavily upon my shoulders, though giving voice to my thoughts, makes it easier to bear.

I do not hate or dislike you. I am disappointed and hurt. My heart breaks for what you have lost and the poor choices you’ve made. You did not wear your badge with honor.


Bad Luck Update: Bad Ass Vest

February 2, 2012 39 comments

Officers die because they don't wear their vest. It won't be me!

We are now three weeks into the new year and I need help. Psychiatric assistance would be the most appreciated. I was at the Child Protective Services (CPS) office last week and we discussed the number of child crimes cases being reported in the past two months. Our county is being bombarded. Many officers have difficulty working with CPS but I love these ladies. We have found a way to stay within guidelines and help children. They have different rules from law enforcement but they are overworked and underpaid just like us. Going to their office also gives me a strong dose of estrogen, which I need now and then. Nothing against type “A”, macho, egotistical, little p…., well you see what I mean. Sometimes, the big E is needed.

On to other subjects…I missed my release date for Bad Luck Officer, sorry. The book is complete, re-written, and completed again. It’s now in the extreme editing stage, ugh. I’m hoping to publish it next month so please keep your fingers crossed. Along with psychological help, crossed fingers can’t hurt.

I’m now running three blogs. The cold hard truth is that I’m a blogomaniac. I’ve decided to post on opposite weeks for my main two, Bad Luck Detective and Fang Chronicles. Fang is where I write about spiders, vampires and my crazy life outside of cop stuff. It’s also where I spread the word about my vampire and werewolf writing. The first book in the Fang Chronicles: Amy’s Story is now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble (shameless plug here). Screaming Lettuce is the latest blog post.

I’m aware most of you know me as a non-fiction writer but I love paranormal books. They take me far away from my day to day police life. I’ve been a romance book junkie for many years too. I’m sorry to disappoint if you are cringing right now. Romance makes the world go round and I heard on television recently that the brain has three basic needs; sex, food, and sleep. I think women crave romance over sex but that’s just me. Amy’s Story has romance, sex, food, and sleep so I think I covered all bases.

This leads me to my third blog “Reading and Writing One Word at a Time” I think I might have been drinking the night I started this blog. I’m not buying any more vodka. This blog needs help. My idea was to promote writers like me. If you have reviewed a great book, have a writer’s tip or just want to share something about reading or writing, I would love to have you guest post. This also keeps me from feeling guilty that I don’t have time to keep this blog going. HELP WANTED!

The picture in this post is my actual vest. We have the option of wearing under or outer body armor. Carrying items on the outside of the vest relieves pressure from my back. It also makes me look bad ass, well, not really but I can dream can’t I? I think my pink handcuffs are an extra special added touch. The Taser helps too.

Small Town is alive and well. I am one of only four officers at the moment which is exhausting. I’m spending a lot of time on patrol but that can’t be helped. If you remember, I was promoted to Sergeant but then had it taken away by our City Council. I don’t have the title but I still get the added responsibility. I’m doing great in the roll because I supervise myself. I will say my boss is great to work for. She begins every day with a smile.

If you have time, please check out my other blogs:
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Thank you,

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