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Awarded Top 10 Law Enforcement Blog 2012

June 6, 2012 31 comments

WOW, what can I say? I was thrilled to be contacted and I’ve had a speech waiting from years ago when I thought I would win a Grammy Award. That was before I learned that I cannot sing. I kept the speech and updated it a little so it’s ready to go.

Now you might be asking, “Who is the number one LE Blog?” No one knows because it hasn’t been announced. Here’s the thing…I plan on winning and if I do, $200 will go to the charity of my choice. It doesn’t cost my friends anything. All you need to do is click here or on the sidebar of my blog where it says, “Vote for my blog here.” Under the Award Badge. You won’t need to leave an email address or anything. I know this because I already voted for myself. There’s a mean old crabby cop in the lead by 6 votes so please hurry up!

I know there are many reasons you want to vote for me! I love you, I work really really hard, I’m okay with blonde jokes, you can laugh with me or at me, if I screw up in my job you’ll be the first to know, I carry a Glock 35 .40 caliber, I can find you, I have pink handcuffs, my mother is meaner than I am, my husband will be made to put up with my bad mood if I don’t win, and I’m not above tears.

Another reason to vote for me is the 100 Club of Arizona. They take care of families of fallen officers. They also provide grants to keep officers safe and if I win they will get the $200’s. Check out and you will realize why it’s important they get this money.

BTW, I will be featured by the award sponsor California Casualty on June 12th. They asked me a whole bunch of questions and told me I had to be truthful. I tried.

I consider every person who reads my blog a friend. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never left a comment. Just by visiting and reading my posts you help my stats. I keep writing because of you and I would not be in the top ten without you.

With all my heart thanks,

Suzie Ivy

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