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A Special Gift

November 12, 2012 20 comments

The “Special” wall in my office.

Yes, I’m alive!

My day job has been unbelievably busy (huge case) and I’m so exhausted when I get home that I veg in front of the television. If I sit down with a book, I fall asleep within minutes. Please don’t even mention writing. It weighs on my mind especially when my next book is over half written. I miss everyone and wanted to let you know I’m safe and that I will be taking a longer break from my blog but plan to be back after the holidays.

During this unbelievably busy time at work, I had an awesome ray of sunshine. It started with this email.

Subject: Question, and I promise I’m not a psycho

Hey Suzie,

I’m gonna start by saying, as I’ve told you before via e-mail, that you are a great role model/inspiration for those of us in our age bracket (or any age bracket, actually) who only think about the things we would like to try or want to do but are either too chicken or don’t believe we should even attempt to try for fear of being let down/failure.  Add to that the fact that you have a kindness for children and animals, and the underdog, that many lack.  I always look forward to reading your posts.  I was looking around on the internet at a friend’s website, and she had a link to some items that I had previous looked at but didn’t purchase.  Well, something made me think of you and what you do and represent….you fight for those who may not be able to fight for themselves, and I don’t know this, but I’m willing to bet you do it with a vengeance.  So long story short, I bought something that I’d love to send to you.  I respect your desire for privacy.  Is there a place that you let people mail things to you?  You don’t know me from Adam, and in your line of work, I’m sure an offer of a gift from a stranger might make you raise an eyebrow.  I can assure you that it isn’t an illegal substance.  ha!  I have some kind of unnamed psychological issue with going to the post office – hate to wait in the dadgum lines – so I can’t promise I’ll actually get it in the mail in the next few days.  But I can manage to get it in the mail next week.  If you are not comfortable with this, I will certainly understand, and I’ll just keep it for myself.  🙂  It won’t be as fitting, but hey, that’s ok! 

Hope you have a great weekend,

Now, everyone knows I’m a detective and I guard my privacy, real name, and location with a vengeance. BUT, how do I resist Donna? I couldn’t and she had my address within minutes of reading this wonderful email. She sent me a follow-up message when she mailed my surprise and let me know it should be arriving the following Monday.

I worked through the weekend and was so tired my vision was beginning to blur. Don’t worry I wasn’t on the street, just packaging mountains of evidence needing to go to the crime lab. I finished up and realized I didn’t eat lunch so I decided to drive to Subway to grab a sandwich and coke hoping caffeine would help me survive the day.

As I pulled out of the parking lot, I remembered Donna’s gift might be waiting at the post office so I drove there first.

We don’t have home mail delivery in Small Town so the post office is a hub of constant activity. It’s hard to get in and out without stopping to speak with people but somehow I managed. It might possibly have been my tired, unkempt appearance. My looks have been the least of my concerns.

What is it about getting a package in the mail? Through my exhaustion I felt giddy and I hadn’t absorbed my caffeine fix yet. My post office box had a key to a larger box and my heart rate increased even more. The box from Donna was about five inches wide, seven inches long, and two inches deep.

I walked to my car holding it close to my chest. Once I was sitting behind the wheel I should tell you I opened it slowly and delayed the suspense but hell no, I tore into the box with a vengeance.

Inside was a small black jewel type box with the logo “Confidence Beads A World of Good” Inside was a card telling about my bead that was attached to a key ring. There was also a white glossy letter from the company. The following is the first line:

You have received this special gift because someone cares about you!

I was sitting in my car behind tinted windows with tears streaming down my face. I can’t even begin to explain how I felt.

My special and beautiful gift is a Warrior bead. 

I looked around at the people walking past and going about their day. I forgot about my newest heartbreaking case, lack of sleep, frustration, and anger. No one walking by me knew my secret as they went about their business.

Sitting inside my car, looking out at the world was a warrior who could take on the world.

Thank you Donna for reminding me that I’m living my dream. Your gift will forever be special and you will always have a place in my heart. You renewed my inspiration and focused me on what is most important. Love!

I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and I’ll see you back in the New Year.

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