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The Wrong Message

March 20, 2013 23 comments

At this moment, I’m not my happy, humorous self. I’m angry. You might even say… I’M PISSED OFF!

I’m talking about the Steubenville, Ohio rape case. The one where this past week we’ve been subjected to the two young men who raped the unconscious young woman, and now are breaking down in tears. We’ve seen and heard the media speak about their lives being ruined.


My post is about the victim, the girl who stood up against a town, a media blitz, her school, and many of her classmates.

I’ve sat in court and witnessed what victims go through. I’ve seen the pain and humiliation cast upon them. I’ve held the hands of victims while the pictures of their vagina and anus are shown in an open courtroom. I’ve sat still, controlling my tears while they’ve been up on the stand, looking into the eyes of suspects’ families and friends that hate them, and explained, in minute detail, about their sexual assault.

What about the Steubenville victim? Who is telling her story at the top of the page?tears

I’ve read the L.A.Times article. Keep reading… Towards the bottom of the Times deatribe you’ll find information that mentions the victim. You’ll see how she discovered her rape and the uphill battle she faced to prosecute the guilty.

Or better yet, the heartrending dialog on CNN to build sympathy for the rapists.

On the other hand, I appreciated the article by The New Yorker that pointed out the other suspects that have gone unpunished and the many blog posts that fight for this victim and all survivors of sexual assault. 

Today, two more juveniles were arrested. After the judge imposed sentencing, two girls sent out Twitter messages including death threats and promised to assault the victim  Hmm, still no prosecution for the one’s actually involved but these two are seeing a little juvenile detention time.

I taught my children that everyone present at a crime, can be charged. I wasn’t a police officer then.

Moms and dads, have a very long and serious talk with your children. Send out the RIGHT MESSAGE.

Juvenile witnesses of the rape stated they did nothing because the boys were only having sex and not “hurting” the victim. I cry BULLSHIT! These “witnesses” should be charged.

I know there are good adults and upstanding young men and women that did the right thing in this case. I thank you for your willingness to stand against evil (yes I said EVIL).

My words for the victim: I cry for every minute you’ve suffered and the horrible trial you’ve been subjected to. I cry for the years of pain ahead of you. But, I also have hope that you will fight through this and succeed in life. You will teach your daughters about strength and courage. Who better than you! I have hope that your sons will be different types of men and even as teenagers they will respect everyone regardless of gender but most of all respect themselves.

I pray that you and your family find peace.

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