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Short Film and Smiles

November 28, 2016 1 comment

Half portrait of a seductive spy with gun in hand. Studio shot in low key light

I received an email today that brought a smile to my face. You know as a middle-aged, opinionated woman I’m often guilty of wondering what this world is coming to and shaking my head at the younger generation (the older generation has received its fare share lately too). Does this show my age or what? I swore I would never be this way *hangs head and sighs* but I’m guilty.

It was wonderful to see hard working college students taking on a sizable project and going for it. I hope you will take the time to read the email and watch the inspirational video by following the link. You may want to help out these future movers and shakers too.

Hi Suzie,

My name is Bailey and I stumbled upon your books/blog when I was doing research for a script I was helping develop. I was new to this genre and wanted to get more familiar with the general idea so I was perusing the internet when I found your book Bad Luck Cadet. I read it and loved it! It not only gave me a better idea of the world I was entering but it also made me laugh and I truly enjoyed it!

This was several months ago and now the script your book helped me develop is becoming a reality. Me and the writer/director of this story worked hard to develop this story hoping to create it as one of our school projects, but our school rejected it saying we could not make it within their time frame. This was disappointing but we believed in the story and decided to make it anyway. We gathered an amazing team and the film, Calvari, is becoming a reality.

Calvari is a short film that follows Jeff, a city detective, and his wife Jenn as they go on a long awaited night out downtown. Jenn probes Jeff to let her in on what is happening in his work but he is reluctant, worried that she cannot handle the harsh realities of his experiences. As Jeff begins to let Jenn in he realizes his work has spilled into his personal life. A mobster seeking revenge has put a hit on Jeff, and he and his family are now in grave danger.
I wanted to share this with you for a few reasons. One I wanted to personally thank you and show you how your book impacted me and is helping me follow my dreams of telling stories on screen. Two I wanted to share with you a story that you helped impact. Your book helped me get a better idea of the world I was entering and has helped me develop the idea further with my director.

Thanks for taking your time and I hope you enjoy the story just like I enjoyed yours 🙂

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